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Welcome and to see and buy art in our 10 art galleries! Here you find oils on canvas, large acrylic paintings on board, pop art, mixed media and magical photos to name a few styles and techniques. And when you find the art work you just can't live without, well then we ship it to you at no cost, within the Nordic countries. If questions arise during your visit, do not hesitate to use our chat here on the site. If we do not respond immediately, we will do so shortly. Enjoy!

Right now, we are updating our art galleries with new art from newly arrived artists as well as from artists on site since before. Meanwhile, it can get a little "disorganized" here and there, but everything is soon in place.

FoKo Art Team

Pia Hällström

I have studied at the college of art in Kristianstad and I got a  bachelor of arts in art education. 15 years ago I resumed painting again.I paint in oil and preferably in larger formats. Mostly, my works represent women in different environments. The focus is on the woman that I want to portray in a kind of instant mood and feeling, preferably with a lot of color.I have previously exhibited on:The smokehouse of Åhus, Bergendals Hotels and Conference, Rånäs Castle Magic room, Uncle Nikos, Bäckaskog castle, FoKo Inbtween at Gallery Hge

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