Klara Fowler

Klara Fowler is a self-taught, internationally published photographer based in Stockholm. 

In her work she focuses on fine art and portrait photography. Her romantic style is emotionally captivating, playful and sometimes bold. Here you will find inspiration from old masterworks and paintings.
Klara's fine art pieces take us on a journey through time and space. Her art photography is a  reminder of the forgotten beauty of classic and,-sometime, -surreal art.


Emilia Lindberg

Emilia Lindberg's image world is the focus of women. In the transitions between theater, fashion and symbolism, Lindberg's women move dreamy, longing or focused and sometimes with inquiring eyes. The artworks raise questions such as: Who is she? What does she want? What is she looking for? With cross-media in her painting such as acrylic, oil, watercolor and charcoal, Lindberg tackles the complexity of women from different angles.