Lena Johnson

My creative process is always a fun and exciting journey!

Like a roller coaster, sometimes it is on top and then it dips down. It continuous on a straight patch and then suddenly it takes me on an unexpected to to teach me more. It is an incredible experience I so enjoy.

Finding the balance and calm in the finished painting is an important part of the creation for me.

I strive to create harmonious and timeless eye catching pieces that will give the viewer a positive experience.

To paint has become an important part of my life and I have a great need to allow creativity to be a part in it. It is with anticipation and excitement that I now share my new paintings and hope to give the viewer a pleasant experience.

Mette Ross

Colour Your Life!
Mette Ross is a Danish artist who has been living and working in Stockholm for over 15 years. Her inspiration often comes from music, something as simple as a song title, or just a feeling. Mette’s artwork consists of colorful, expressive and abstract motives, with a combination of different materials and usually with a touch of gold.

Mette paints on everything from small to big canvases, using various materials such as acrylic paint, mosaic, textured paint, spray paint and even iron door latches. Her tools vary from paintbrushes to palette knifes and occasionally it happens that the colour is even splashed onto the canvas.