Do you want to experience the art at your place?

Do it digitally with an app!

 Kuio - an app for art lovers 

Download from the App Store here

We love working with professionals! So, of course, we offer our visitors at Art To Go Store the opportunity to "test-hang" / project the works of art at home - on walls or on floors if a sculpture. How? Digitally! Via an app you easily download from the App Store (free).

The KUIO app contains all the artworks that are presented and displayed at the Art To Go Store, ready to take their place in your home. The size of the works and the color rendering are consistent with reality. A wonderful tool for all of us.

First on the floor are Iphones, but already in May comes a version for other mobiles. If you have an Ipad, use KUIO in it and get a fantastic display. Freeze live photos and screen shot, hang works upside down. Play! Welcome to the future!

 How to start!

Go to App Store and search KUIO. Download the app and open it as usual.

1) Welcome! In order to be able to project the art on your walls and floors, you need "the marker", ie a cursor image. We recommend that you choose to receive it in an e-mail. You enter your e-mail address and send the e-mail with the request to have the picture e-mailed to you. See to your printer is set to natural size. Often they are set to reduce documents by a few% but you change it easily before you press "print". The cursor image is held on an A4 paper. If it fails then you have the cursor image here at this site. Just to  download!

2) Place the cursor image on an empty wall at home. Look at the bottom of the KUIO app where there is a field: "Enter exhibition ID or selection ID" Here you enter the 3-digit ID number associated with the art hall where the works you want try are hang. See ID numbers below. Of course you can of  browse between different art halls, you only need to change the ID number.

3) The first artwork in the Art Hall you have selected will be displayed on the screen. Arrow your way to the works you want to try on your wall, hold up your unit; mobile, Ipad etc towards the cursor image, aim the unit's camera eye at the cursor image and that's now the magic happens! The artwork is on your wall! Now you can experiment further and for example save the work on your wall to your image library on the device etc. Enjoy!

Below ID numbers  for exhibition halls in KUIO app

Just nu har vi inte några konsthallar inlagda i Kuio appen. I november 2020 är åter våra konsthallar öppna.