Music is an art form FoKo Art To Go wants to perform at all our art fairs. Visual arts and music come together! We collaborate with young artists, singer-song writers and musicians even here in the virtual art halls. We are very pleased to welcome and present Josefine Landelius, the first artist on site in the Art To Go Store. Four of Josefine songs are played in our art halls. You can also listen to Josefine's music via Spotify. Enjoy!

Josefine Landelius

Josefine Landelius writes music that touches. With her unique voice and swelling productions, emotions are conveyed in a powerful way. The songwriting is inspired by own events that have been transformed into honest lyrics and beautiful melodies with a sense of hopefulness. Previously, the artist studied music and was a Stand In artist during Eurovision 2016. She debuted 2018 with the song HOME and recently released her debut EP BREATHE.