"One minute with Joakim Nordin"

See a selection of Joakim Nordin's works below in the art gallery "The Vault." Welcome to experience the art in AR "augmented reality". If you want to get in touch with Joakim, email info@fo-ko.se and we will direct you further.

Joakim Nordin

Born in Härnösand and resident in Stockholm and shares his studio along with collective Platform Stockholm in Liljeholmen. Joakim's paintings are abstract and lively, often in the form of dreamy acrylic and oil paint landscapes. He also works as a librarian in Sundbyberg and has studied at Ålsta Folk High School's art education and several media educations in Sweden. Joakim has worked for a long time as a freelance layout designer, image retoucher and artist and is a member of KRO and BUS. He has participated in a number of exhibitions, both separate and jury-judged exhibitions, as well as various group exhibitions, mainly in the Stockholm region.

Lena Johnson

Like a roller coaster, sometimes it is on top and then it dips down. It continuous on a straight patch and then suddenly it takes me on an unexpected to to teach me more. It is an incredible experience I so enjoy.

Finding the balance and calm in the finished painting is an important part of the creation for me.

I strive to create harmonious and timeless eye catching pieces that will give the viewer a positive experience.

To paint has become an important part of my life and I have a great need to allow creativity to be a part in it. It is with anticipation and excitement that I now share my new paintings and hope to give the viewer a pleasant experience.

Klara Fowler

Klara Fowler is a self-taught, internationally published photographer based in Stockholm. 

In her work she focuses on fine art and portrait photography. Her romantic style is emotionally captivating, playful and sometimes bold. Here you will find inspiration from old masterworks and paintings.
Klara's fine art pieces take us on a journey through time and space. Her art photography is a  reminder of the forgotten beauty of classic and,-sometime, -surreal art.

Pia Hällström

I have studied at the college of art in Kristianstad and I got a  bachelor of arts in art education. 15 years ago I resumed painting again.I paint in oil and preferably in larger formats. Mostly, my works represent women in different environments. The focus is on the woman that I want to portray in a kind of instant mood and feeling, preferably with a lot of color.I have previously exhibited on:The smokehouse of Åhus, Bergendals Hotels and Conference, Rånäs Castle Magic room, Uncle Nikos, Bäckaskog castle, FoKo Inbtween at Gallery Hge