Set up your exhibition digitally!

Starting in the spring of 2020, we welcome artists to exhibit in our digital art galleries. Here your art gets good visibility and presence on the web while offering the art audience new and exciting experiences. With our digital art halls supported by the app KUIO, we take art exhibitions to a new level. Some high lights; As interested art buyer one can try works of art at home on the own walls - in the natural size and with fantastic color reproduction. As a sculptor your art works can be placed in our exhibition halls in 3D with supporting AR technology. Magical tools for the arts and the audience. Welcome to the future!

How can we help you with your exhibition? Contact us at: info@fo-ko.se and we will tell you more.

Experience the art "live"

The art shown digital here in the art halls can be seen "live" in our show room. Email to info@fo-ko.se and book a time and we will be there and receive you  

Address show room: Söderhallarna at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12-16, Sun closed.