May 26 Art of Hope – Stockholm statues
in the fight against childhood

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The Childhood Cancer Foundation conducts The Week of Hope May 23-29, where Art of Hope is one among other activities that make the foundation's work visible and contribute to their fundraising work.

The superheroes

Statues and sculptures around Stockholm will be dressed in eye masks like the those

worn by superheroes in series. The masks are done in textile material by guerilla

knitters and artists that are given the artistic freedom to express their commitment to

the fight for the real heroes – the children!


What happens then?

The guerrilla craft with accompanying photos will be auctioned off along with art

works donated by artists in the Art To Go network. Stockholm's Auction House

conducts the auction for the benefit of the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Help us spread the word!

Take a selfie!
The Stockholm audience is invited to join a “selfie completion” where we want you to take a selfie with an installed super hero statue and post the photo on Instagram with #gerillaslöjdenssuperhjältar and then e-mail the photo to
A photo jury selects the winning photo where the 1st prize is an original artwork.


Email to have all information

and the list of selected statues and sculptures to choose from.

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NFTs - What is it, how does it work and how do you create it?

NFT Art Workshops
Spring 2022

Join our NFT workshops and create your own first NFT and learn about the new chapter in art history.

Some objectives;
- To give a good picture and understanding of digital art and the mechanisms that ensure an exposure on eg OpenSea with sales in Ethereum.
- To give the participating artists different techniques in how to produce an NFT artwork and support in the process creating it.

Dates in April and May:
Workshop V - Tuesday April 26 and Monday May 2 - fully booked
Workshop VI - Tuesday May 10 and Sunday May 15 - two vacancies

Workshop VII - Tuesday May 17 and Sunday May 22 - fully booked

Session no 1 lasts for 4 hours and the second session lasts 2,5 hours. Total 5 participants at each workshop.The workshops are held in Swedish. If there are requests concerning a version in English, we will conduct one.

Welcome to e-mail us to and we send you the workshop agenda and registration forms

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